Mycelium as both metaphor for, and actual physical reality of, interconnectivity and the cooperative nature of creation has been on my mind lately as a kind of guiding idea. I think that we need the story and symbol of mycelium now, as it reflects also our human structures and reminds us how systems thrive. I have written a couple pieces lately through which mycelium runs like a thread, or many threads: Unseen Fruit, out at Orion, and a Letter to America for

I wrote to the artist Richard Giblett in Melbourne to ask for permission to use his drawing called “Mycelium Rhizome,” and he generously agreed. I thought I would share that image here, with the following credit:

Richard Giblett
Mycelium Rhizome, 2008
Graphite on paper
120 x 240 cm
Image courtesy the artist and Murray White Room, Melbourne