Project Description

From Cold Facts to Truths that Sing

Incorporating Research into Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction often demands rigorous research of its writers. But all the research we do is just straw that we have to spin into gold, the gold of good storytelling that keeps readers in thrall. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task. Learning to alchemize our research within the crucible of craft gives our stories the heart and soul that distinguishes them from textbooks and turns facts into truths that sing.

This webinar is for writers who love research but struggle to give it life in their writing. It’s for writers who would like to find more graceful, tonally seamless ways of presenting facts and information. Writers who are hesitant to use their own quirky syntax and style in factual passages, for fear that it will somehow degrade the information or cause them to lose credibility with readers.

You will be given several techniques for alchemizing your research and have the opportunity to practice turning information into short lyrical passages with a few writing exercises during the webinar. You will leave with greater confidence in your ability to transform your research into good stories.

In this webinar, you will:

●      EXPLORE the works of various writers of creative nonfiction to examine how they alchemize their research. You will look at the different ways that research is cited and acknowledged within the works.

●      LEARN techniques for alchemizing your own research and translating your facts into stories.

●      PRACTICE turning information into short lyrical passages with writing exercises during the webinar.

I don’t want
gold per se.
I want change.
—Andrea Cohen, “Alchemy”

This webinar will be hosted by Creative Nonfiction. REGISTER HERE.